Purchase Information

1. Due to the mandatory use of personal customs identification code from 2015, it is mandatory for the recipient to enter the personal customs identification code of the recipient when receiving goods from foreign country. Personal customs clearance code is a unique number for personal identification. You can register this directly from the Korean Customs website (https://p.customs.go.kr), and you can continue using the number given to you immediately.

2. Please enter the personal identification code of the goods recipient in the box of the personal customs number of delivery information. In case of discrepancy between the personal customs identification and the recipient’s information customs clearance will be delayed.

3. In the recipient's address box, make sure to include the street address and the new zip code (5 digits). Otherwise the goods cannot be customs cleared.

4. Unlike other products, for health supplements can be order at once up to maximum 6 items. Thus please place the order with the maximum quantity for health supplements of 6 units per order. If you purchase more than 6 items, the customs authority can dispose or return and charge additonaly fee during the customs clearance process.

5. The VAT exemption limit for the use of a small commodity is USD 150. If the purchase amount is over USD 150 at the customs clearance process, a VAT may incur to the recipient.